Needle felted mouse driftwood art

My driftwood art scupltures are lovingly handmade using the dry needle felting technique, which involves using special barbed needles to sculpt wool into 3D shapes. The realistic looking wild animals are posed on unique driftwood pieces to make them ready for you to exhibit in your home. Each represents a piece of Nature, a special moment in time and brings this natural magic into your home. 

This piece features an adorable little mouse looking for shelter under a beautiful mushroom. 

It is a one of a kind fiber art sculpture designed to complement the unique shape of the driftwood. It is not reproducable and only one exists in the world. 
It is excellent for an animal lover, as a nursery or kids room decoration. It is a piece evryone will ask you about!

The composition is 8.5" tall.

Enjoy this unique art piece in your home or gift it to a Nature lover!

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