Mousie, needle felted elf, OOAK elf, magical creature, art doll, art elf, fairy, hobbit

Mousie, needle felted elf, OOAK elf, magical creature, gift for a book lover, pixie, birthday gift, fairy, art doll, art elf, hobbit, Waldorf doll, fantasy doll

In MelkadaLand the little elves are always happy. It is no wonder, their teachers are the wise elder elves, who never stop learning and playfully teach their people the way to peace and happiness.  The elf lads learn about nature while taking long walks, studying the land and animals around them. They love to pick flowers and fruits to give them to someone they love. They often take their pets with them to share the fun.

Mousie is an OOAK elf. There is only one of him in the world. He is my smallest available special edition elf. He is posable, built around copper wire armature with the finest quality wool to bring you something unique, a delightful addition to your home. He is about 9 inches tall. He comes with his best friend, Cheesy, the mouse. He is a funny little fellow, who will bring happiness and joy to your home. He is the best good luck charm! He comes with his own signed certificate of authenticity.

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