Cactus decoration, Needle felted cactus, Artificial plant, Home decor

Cactus decoration, Needle felted cactus, Small cactus decoration, Home decoration, Decor plant, Artificial plant, Home decor, Nature decor

Are you the person whose cacti always die whether you water them or not? This plant is your perfect choice. It looks completely natural (nobody is going to try to touch it) yet it requires no care. You buy it once and it will remain beautiful forever!

This cactus was made with the technique of needle felting using fine quality wool. It is a completely natural product. It is a great decoration to your home, garden or a flower pot. It comes in a pretty tin pot. Choose from 4 styles. Please specify which of the four you want!

Enjoy this piece of Nature in your home! A 100% Eco-friendly, handmade product.

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