Motivational gift - Live your dream - Needle felted Goldfish

'Fake it till you make it' - said the little goldfish to herself, put on her shark fins and started to live the life she had always wanted for herself. She knew all too well that cute little fish were always judged by their appearance but she was prepared for that. She was ready to live her dream.

Are you someone who would benefit from a cute reminder to go after what you want or do you know someone who is? This is the perfect gift for you then. This hanging ornament features a needle felted goldfish made of the finest wool and a metallic tag that says 'Live your dream'. You can easily hang it from anywhere even in your car.

It is a cute, funny and personal gift to anyone who needs a bit of motivation. The fish is about 4 inches long, the hanging ornament is about 10 inches long.

You will receive one fish, shipping is included in the price.

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